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    Memorias de casa

    Creations with Professionals




    “Memories of Home” is an interdisciplinary collaboration that seeks to delve into the dynamics of the bodies of families that did not suffer social distancing during this pandemic that affects us worldwide.

    This week we had the opportunity to tour Panama City in all its extremes to portray 16 families that allowed us to enter the intimacy of their beds and allowed us to see how their bodies fit in an organic, natural and familiar way, as a result of sharing constant spaces over a long period of time.

    We are immensely grateful to all the families who opened the doors of their homes to us, allowing us to meet their families and their stories, thanks to them we have managed to carry out this project.

    If you stayed out, we are organizing ourselves to carry out a second batch, tune in to our networks so you can find out and be able to contact you! Soon we will be reporting the result of the project.